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Who we are...

H&S Technical Services was founded in 1998 by John C. Hyte and David Sparks.  Both have a depth and understanding of the biomedical and device industry and the desire to make their own way in the community. John, or 'J.C.' as he is sometimes referred to, has an instinctive and uncanny ability to see the potential in every little thing.  David posesses the savvy and background to market and sell the vision to an insular environment of medical groups.

Over the next ten years H&S made its way through good times and bad; much like the country did.  The vision remained the same, “…Simply the best!” Practicing, quality over all other things.  That policy of defining customer needs, rather than reacting to their wants, establishing a rigorous standard of controls to ensure customer satisfaction, promoting a family atmosphere inside its business and with its customers and constantly being on the look out to identify new opportunities to support its customers has made H&S a preferred provider of some of the biggest names in the dialysis community.

In 2012 after completing 2 years of transistion, David retired so he could enjoy the fruits of his labor.

John has continued after the transition building H&S and improving the team of strong leaders around him to launch H&S to the next level of biomedical repair and manufacturing.  In 2013, H&S updated its infrastructure hardware and software.  It invested in quality employees from bench techs to customer service.  It practiced quality today and tomorrow to anticipate the needs of a growing customer base.  H&S is committed to quality and paying attention to the details.  H&S is the company that when you call, a real person answers the phone.  H&S is the company that is your one stop for dialysis needs.  H&S is where the industry goes for the best repair and exchange components on the market with the highest standards and longest warranty around.  H&S is the company that the competitors want to be and the biomedical companies want to use.  H&S is still, after 50+ employees, the heart of its founders, "...Simply the best!"