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 Specialzed Products and Services

“We live or die, by the details.”
- John C. Hyte, Founder, H&S

Our Team believes in quality, services and striving to exceed our customers expectations.
H&S offers a large array of products and services to meet your needs:

cca  Component level circuit card and module repairs for your dialysis machines:

  •  Fresenius: All models (H, K, K2)
  •  Gambro: Phoenix
  •  B Bruan: Dialog, Dialog+

    H&S provides 3 types of service for your machines.

  •  Exchange Program: Circuit Cards, Modules, Pump, Motor Assemblies and other key components available for immediate exchange.
  •  Repair Program: A repair program for all major components that are not available in our exchange program
  •  Parts Program: A program to provide repaired or reconditioned parts to help you reduce your machine service costs.

  • Select Parts Catalog for specific parts and services we provide